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Mappy the Mouse

Contact Me if you can suggest any good links.

Also, unless otherwise noted, these links are for 'Dragon Half'.
~~~They are not exclusivly Mappy links.

I'll keep adding to these pages as I find new ones. I hope to some day make this

'The Comprehensive Dragon Half Links Page'

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

ADV Films was who I originally got the TAPE (now on DVD?) from, but i notice that they no longer have any merchandise avaliable at all on their site.

Here are some Good Pages:

Dragon Half Manga Translation Page

Dragon Half: Character Guide and Volume Summary

Here are more pages:

Nabiki's Dragon Half Page

Darby's Dragon Half Page

Dragon Half

Dragon Half

Misc. Pages:

Watashi No Tamagoyaki Ring Homepage

The Big KiSS Page: Dragon Half Dolls
(you have to browse by name to get to the Dragon Half section)

Anime Web Guide: Dragon Half

Non-anime watchers review of anime - Dragon Half

Phoenix's Dragon Half


For all of your online Anime needs:

Anime Web Turnpike

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